General design and construction supervision services

Antifragile & crisis-proof construction solutions

General design and construction supervision services

We transform ambitious visions into business opportunities. We secure construction projects against unforeseen circumstances and offer ready-made solutions for any ‘Plan B’ situations.

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We carry out projects aimed at maximizing profits

We provide general contracting services, taking responsibility for the overall delivery of the construction projects we are involved in. We have the expertise and skills required to independently carry out construction projects big and small, including dealing with all relevant formal and legal matters as well as providing the necessary technical consulting.

We take responsibility for all activities that enable the start of a construction project — from obtaining the necessary approvals to the execution of the contracted work.


A project owner’s mindset and a 360° perspective

When acting as a general contractor, we approach every new construction project holistically, thinking in terms of return on investment already at the briefing stage. We plan responsibly, always looking to come up with several business development opportunities within a single project.

We identify risk factors and define the areas that have the potential to yield the highest possible profit, which safeguards the projects in case of unforeseen circumstances and makes it flexible enough to adapt to a new purpose if necessary.


Quality guaranteed.
Deadlines met.

We operate by following an all-in-one model, which enables us to set precise deadlines for the various phases of the construction process — and successfully meet those deadlines, regardless of the subcontracted parts of the project. It lets us provide services of the highest quality. As independent contractors, we’re fully able to act flexibly and adjust deadlines in the face of unexpected changes in the design or the execution part of a construction project.


Enclosed structures are our specialty

We carry out projects involving the construction of multi-story industrial, commercial, and public utility buildings — including build to suit projects. We build the following types of structures:

  • industrial buildings (production and warehouse buildings with social, sanitary, and administrative facilities, storage buildings – including high-bay warehouses and logistics and transshipment facilities)

  • commercial buildings (retail and shopping facilities)

  • public utility buildings (exhibition halls)

Ready-made Modular System Buildings are a separate part of our portfolio. Under a dedicated tab, you’ll find a configurator that will let you determine the preferred parameters and visualize the facility you want to have constructed.

Modular System Buildings — Learn more and use the configurator

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